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Strong Board Makes a Strong Company

A Magazine for C-suite Executives

An information resource to the international financial community, Iran Economy Magazine focuses on the strategic Iranian issues most fundamental to a bank’s CEO, senior leadership team, chairman and independent directors.

A privately-held company based in Tehran, our team’s operational focus aligns with the educational, informational and fiduciary interests of a bank’s board of directors and C-suite of executives.

IE magazine provides timely, authoritative analysis of the ever-changing regulatory environment in Iran. The monthly magazine and weekly e-newsletter cover all the current Iranian Economy regulatory issues. Our commitment to those leaders who believe a strong board makes a strong company never wavers.

Iran Economy Magazine tries to deliver news and analysis essential to foreign companies seeking to invest in Iran. Our monthly magazine, which combines comprehensive news with accurate, independent reporting on the entire Economy of the country, provides financial advisers with insight into the market unavailable in any other publication. We want, our readers to rely on Iran Economy Magazine for up-to-date market information on the stories and events affecting their investments, making us the number one source of news and analysis about Iranian economy and investment opportunities.

The monthly magazine is available in print and digital formats and covers fresh perspectives on critical business and policy challenges and trends, and news and announcements from Iranian Economy industry. The magazine is published by Iranaa Advertising Agency, a leading advertising agency in Iran with offices in Tehran, Dubai and London.

To improve our magazine and serve you better, we do expect your feedbacks and comments. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience.