Melli Plus, a unique platform to enter modern banking world

A momentous event newly took place in Iran’s banking system- launching a new branch where unlike ordinary physical branches there is no physical money and cash exchange.

Melli Plus was created after two years of research and study by Bank Melli Iran and is the realization of a forward-looking, cross-border idea and the outlook of future banking. Mackenzie Global Institute has recently introduced a new model of bank branch like Melli plus as the final model for future banking.Evaluations of the banking system in developed countries have repeatedly proved that the banks are no longer the place of money exchange. It’s now for years that our country’s banking system has been seeking to reduce cash transfers and replace them with non-face-to-face transactions, which was largely achieved with the establishment of electronic equipment and digital systems. Mobile applications have also accelerated this process, and now a large volume of banking transactions in the country are done in absentia.

In such a situation, it was necessary for face-to-face banking services to rise to a higher position, which is to provide economic solutions, basic advice, and thoughtful solutions for solving monetary and banking problems. “Melli Plus” fulfilled this dream and in a safe environment welcomes young people, intellectuals, trading groups, and business owners who are looking for the best ways to benefit from consulting services, do banking and also help boost production and create jobs in the country.

This new branch of Bank Melli Iran is a “youth-oriented” branch and its calm, cozy and dynamic environment has been designed in a way to meet the needs of the young generation. If we want to define it in some words we can say it’s a technology-oriented, youth-oriented, and consulting-oriented branch.

Over the past month since the opening of the branch, a significant number of young people, students, and entrepreneurs after visiting this place, provided very valuable feedback in cyberspace and shared their unique experience of this branch with others. That represents a favorable outcome of effective action.

In this branch, the world state-of-the-art technologies in the field of banking are used, and dear customers, by attending this branch, they can do their banking affairs in the least time and with the least amount of errors, and remember the memory of a good day with peace. It is obvious that “Melli Plus” will create a fundamental change in the quality of customer orientation and providing face-to-face services in the country’s banking network in the near future.

“Melli Plus” while evoking the nostalgia for the physical presence in the branch for the customer, allows economic activists to receive expert advice from creative advisors. In fact, this branch is the fruit of customers’ trust in Bank Melli Iran and a new manifestation of action in line with the strategic slogan of the bank, i.e. “learning and innovative organization”. The center will increase the level of trust by offering new and developed solutions and invites the customers to a new integrated world of science, technology, pace, and accuracy under one roof.

“Melli Plus” branches will gradually increase and cover the large and industrial centers with the aim of helping to develop modern banking infrastructure and also to present a new picture of real banking services in the modern world. It is hoped that this platform will soon become popular in all banks around the country and face-to-face banking in our beloved land will be elevated to a higher position in the near future.