4 foreign investment companies begin work in Alborz


Director General of Economic and Financial Affairs of Alborz Province announced that four big foreign investment companies started their work in the province.  The four companies have totally gained a $104 million investment license in Alborz Province, Abolfazl Fallah said, adding: They are from Germany, Italy, UAE and China.

The companies are now implementing their projects in the field of medicine production, equipment for steel mills, automotive parts and so on, Fallah stated.

The German company is active in the field of medicine (Vita) with 85% share, Italian company in the production of equipment for steel mills, Emirati and Chinese companies in manufacturing automotive parts in Alborz, he said:

Stating that so far these four foreign investment companies have entered $20 million into the country, he said: We hope that next year the four companies will fully implement their productive projects.

To develop the province, our approach is foreign direct investment with gaining technical knowledge and achieving international markets, he added.

In terms of foreign investment, infrastructural works have been done in the province and a foreign investment information system has been launched in different languages, Fallah said.