Over 23 percent growth in stock index this year


Tuesday, Feb 09, 2016

President of the Stock Exchange Organization (SEO) announced that the stock index has had more than 23 percent growth in this year.  Iran’s total stock market value is more than 120 billion dollars, Mohammad Fetanat president of SEO said.

Since the beginning of this year until Persian date Dey 20, the average daily value of transactions was one hundred million tomans which now has reached 385 billion tomans, Fetanat said.

Liquidity trends were more toward the stock market rather than other rival markets, he added.

Stating that daily transactions of foreign investors in the current year were 2 billion 400 million tomans in the stock market, he said: Total foreign investors’ assets (market value) are now 520 billion tomans.

As to the supply of Islamic treasury bills in the stock market he said: subscription of 5 billion toman Islamic treasury bills has been started and is scheduled to be released next year.

Saying that it is predicted that by the end of this year the volume of financing through the capital market will reach about 90 billion tomans, he said: 650 thousand natural investors will participate in investment funds.

He further stated that the Stock Exchange Organization will release 300 billion toman mortgage securities of Maskan Bank.