SEO invites 10 countries to invest in Iran


Vice president of the Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO) invited European, Asian and Persian Gulf countries to invest in Iran.Vice president of the Securities and Exchange Organization in international and foreign investment affairs, who attended the summit of foreign investment in Iran’s capital market in Muscat, invited 10 countries from Europe, Asia and the Persian Gulf to invest in Iran.

Referring to the latest figures and the growth of the capital market, Bijani said Iran’s stocks are fully eligible for admission of foreign investors.

Emphasizing a long-term planning to attract foreign investment and encouraging investors in long-term investments in Iran, he described new financial instruments in accordance with Islamic law as important to pave the way for investments.

Bijani further pointed to the launch of currency derivatives market in the near future and said: The removal of double taxation in Iran capital market is another measure taken by SEO.

Currently, SEO is adapting its rules with international ones, he stated, adding: The organization is trying to develop the necessary legal instruments.